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Emergency 10 Tools Flashlight Kit

$16.99 $9.00

10 in 1 Emergency Flashlight w/ Fire-starter Kit
– LED white flashlight (2 x CR1632 included)
– Compass
– Storage tank
– Magnesium block fuel
– Steel mirror
– Ruler
– SOS Code +
– Whistle
– Flint
– Strap



For emergencies keep one in your vehicles, home “bug-out bag”, hiking bag ….

If you go outdoors this is for you. It is a 10-in-1 survival flashlight. It features a plastic housing with a storage compartment for the gadgets to be stored internally. The batteries for the LED flashlight are built-into the unit. It has a compass and 2 rulers, as well as a small steel mirror. A magnesium fuel block and a flint are included for easy fire building. It also has a whistle and some great instructions for survival; such as how to make an SOS signal and an alpine rescue signal. You never know what kind of situation will come up when your outdoors.

– 1 x 1-LED white flashlight (2 x CR1632 included)
– 1 x Compass
– 1 x Storage tank
– 1 x Magnesium block fuel
– 1 x Steel mirror
– 1 x Ruler
– 1 x Scale
– 1 x Whistle
– 1 x Flint
– 1 x Strap


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