Paddle Leash with Quick Release Buckle & Survival Tools

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Leash for Paddle, Fishing Rod, Dry Bag, etc.

PLUS Emergency Tools!
Item specifics
  • Coiled cord
  • Length:150cm [approx. 60 in.]
  • Outdoor Activity:Kayak, Canoe, Fishing…
  • Compass
  • Fire-starter/Cutter
  • Whistle
  • Slide lock cord
  • Brass hook
  • 3 Colors
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Secure the slide lock cord around a kayak or canoe paddle, fishing rod, or other personal gear you want to keep hold of. Then click clip to a secure hook on kayak/canoe.

Coiled elastic spring cord inside of more durable nylon strap that reaches 150 cm [about 60in.]

Quick release buckle comprising of Survival Tools to include: Compass, Whistle, Fire-starter and cutter!

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Red, Black, Orange


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